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Urgent Need for Change in Trucking Industry Licensing and Testing - CHANGE IS MUST!

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Increasing trucker pay has helped at Starline Carriers, but it hasn't solved the problem of chronic driver shortages. In fact, the number of new drivers entering the industry is still being limited by the industry's cumbersome licensing and testing processes. The administration has been slow to implement driver-assist technology policy, and a leadership void exists at the federal agency that regulates commercial trucks.

CDL Schools such as Skyline CDL School do the best they can in regards to providing training with higher policy regulations however, state final exams are backlogged and cause weeks of waiting for students to pass the skills test and get on the road.


Automation of this process needs to be set in place so that the industry can move forward and support the backbone of our country.


Perhaps it is time for the supply chain management and especially governing federal bodies to implement AI technologies on a full scale approach...


Gennadiy Kovalev | June 12, 2023

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