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Welcome to Our Auburn Location

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Industry-leading instructors, reliable and safe equipment, daytime and nighttime CDL-A classes to accommodate all schedules.

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Get You CDL Class-A Today!!

⬛️ 4 Week Accelerated Program!
⬛️ Classes start every Monday!
⬛️ Custom Schedule Available!
⬛️ Evening Classes Available!
⬛️ Payment Option Available!

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Payment Option Available!
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About Us

If you are in the Seattle-Bellevue Area, come take a tour of our location in Auburn. We are
about 25 miles from the City of Seattle and Bellevue. You will quickly find yourself surrounded
by a diverse administration that is able to speak in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and English and
is there to help you. We take great pride in the culture that we have built, and we believe that
our job is to make sure we can remove any obstacles that you may face in order for you to take
the next steps in your career as a truck driver. We have partnered with several local tuition
reimbursement programs, and we would be happy to connect you with them if money is the
reason you are not able to enroll. Here is a little bit more about our program:
◾️We offer an accelerated 4-week program that includes 160 hours to be able to be ready
to take your exam.
◾️ If you have a day job, and would like to take evening classes, we will work with you to
make a schedule that works for you.
◾️ Our classes start every Monday.
◾️We believe strongly in the 1:4 teacher-student ratio so you can have individual
instruction when you need it.
◾️We partner with local trucking companies and can help with future job placement.

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We believe Safety must be our number one priority of all our decision making.

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We believe Integrity will encourage us to do the right thing.

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We believe Teamwork empowers our individual strengths.

Want to obtain your CDL? We're happy to help...


Got A Question?

  • How many hours are required to complete the school?
    160 hours are required by state law.
  • Do you work with any grant programs?
    Yes, we work with a grant program Work Source
  • What is the difference between auto and manual CDL?
    Manual CDL qualifies you to work for companies operating manual and automatic semi trucks. Automatic CDL qualifies you to only work for companies operating automatic trucks.
  • What are Skyline's class hours?
    Skyline has day classes operating from 7am - 3:30pm Mon - Fri and night classes from 3:30 pm - 11pm Mon - Fri and 10 hours on weekends.
Limited Spots Available. Get Your CDL Today! 
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